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  • Seating 1725-B2-A04 PRECEPT 2D 1725 1725-B2-A04
  • Seating 1020-UP INDY 2D 1020 1020-UP
  • Seating 1115-GT-AP Zoom - Guest Nesting Mesh Back w/ Plastic Seat 1115-GT-AP
  • Seating 1210-AP-A18G SHUTTLE 2D 1210 1210-AP-A18G
  • Seating 1125-B2-AP Zoom - Low Back Basic Control Mesh Back w/ Plastic Seat 1125-B2-AP
  • Seating 1010-UP INDY 2D 1010 1010-UP
  • Seating 1126-B2-AP Zoom - 10" Stool Low Back Basic Control Mesh Back w/ Plastic Seat 1126-B2-AP
  • Seating 1880-A10 ARIA 2D 1880 1880-A10
  • Seating 1010-US INDY 2D 1010 1010-US
  • Seating 1020-AP INDY 2D 1020 1020-AP
  • Seating 1020-US INDY 2D 1020 1020-US
  • Seating 1010-AP INDY 2D 1010 1010-AP


A Perpetually Forward Thinking Company

9to5 Seating is a vertically-integrated, privately owned company, founded in 1986, which specializes in the design and production of ergonomic office seating to accommodate the rigorous demands of today’s office environments. 9to5 Seating presents an extensive collection of executive, task, guest, conference, stool and lounge seating.

Take a closer look at one of our chairs and you can see the quality is apparent in every stitch. But we don’t stop with the details of the chairs themselves. 9to5 Seating combines its state-of-the-art, in-house manufacturing systems with a commitment to continuous improvements in all phases of the operation. With over 500,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing resources, we are confidently empowered to deliver products offered at unparalleled pricing, quality built into every phase of manufacturing, customization and numerous upholstery options, express shipping and the best warranty possible.

Our dedication to becoming the leader in office furniture requires a deliberate and focused approach that extends beyond our chairs, in order to exceed customer expectations. When every detail is attended to the result is a better choice. And that’s exactly what you get with 9to5 Seating.

Why are we so mindful of every aspect of our process? Because by doing all the little things right, we’re able to offer you a better chair at an impressive value. We think that’s pretty huge.

9to5 Seating. The difference is in the details.

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