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  • APR Allsteel Approach Desking and Storage WKBKFN2H3015 Approach Bookcase 29H 30Wx15D with Top Fin Back WKBKFN2H3015
  • APR Allsteel Approach Desking and Storage WKCSFN283018-LF Approach Cred 30Wx18D Lat File with Trough WKCSFN283018-LF
  • AGR Allsteel Gather Collection S922S2 Rise - 2 Tier S922S2
  • APR Allsteel Approach Desking and Storage WKCUFN246018-HDHD Approach Cred 24H 60Wx18D HD HD WKCUFN246018-HDHD
  • APR Allsteel Approach Desking and Storage WKCLFN4H1818RH-HDL ApprTwr 4H 18Wx18D RH HD w/Coat Hk 2 Adj Shlf DISCO 12/31/21 WKCLFN4H1818RH-HDL
  • AOR Allsteel Further System U5F21S5781TS Further FltEd Sym Trpzd Wksf 21d 57w1 81w2 (54B) U5F21S5781TS
  • APR Allsteel Approach Desking and Storage WKWSRS7236 Approach Wksf Rectangular 72Wx36D WKWSRS7236
  • APR Allsteel Approach Desking and Storage WKWSRS4224 Approach Wksf Rectangular 42Wx24D WKWSRS4224
  • AOR Allsteel Further System U5F15C46RL Further FtEd Tpzd Runoff 15d 39w1 Rt 27D (66B) U5F15C46RL
  • APR Allsteel Approach Desking and Storage WKWSRS6630 Approach Wksf Rectangular 66Wx30D WKWSRS6630
  • AGR Allsteel Gather Collection S922S3T Rise-Two-Tone 3 Tier S922S3T
  • AGR Allsteel Gather Collection S922S3TP Rise - 3 Tier Power - Ready - Two-Tone S922S3TP


At Allsteel, we’re always looking for smart office furniture solutions to your workplace challenges. Our goal isn’t simply to design the next new office system. It’s to find a better way to work. It’s not about creating a beautiful chair. It’s about making you comfortable so you’re free to reach your full potential. And it’s not just about building an efficient workstation. It’s about helping you imagine ways to do even more, more efficiently. ???

Allsteel Acuity™

Man tears his office up. Needs an Allsteel Acuity.

A guy DESTROYS his office when his chair annoys him.

A commercial for Allsteel's latest chair. Acuity.

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