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Since we spend the majority of our day, every day, sitting in a chair, our sole focus is to design solutions that make being in the seated position more ergonomic and more productive. Since 1982, we’ve developed a reputation for quickly adjusting to the changing needs of customers in the office, educational and healthcare sectors.

Inspired by our founder, Gary Neil, the Allseating team has become known for our ability to bend over backwards for our customers. From our on-time guarantee, to our on-line specification tools for both our chairs and Anatome collection of personal work tools, we’re always putting your needs first. So our clients are able to sit back and rest assured that, no matter what, the people at Allseating always have their back.

Allseating Innovation

Why Allseating? Gary says it's because we design innovative, proprietary design solutions that are surprisingly affordable.

The Allseating You Chair

Featuring an elegant design and breathable mesh, the Allseating You Chair is the perfect way to make a statement in any office.

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