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  • Our Products 151A Family: File_Cabinet-Aurora_Storage-Times-2-Standard_Letter. Type: 151A, 5-Tier, Add-On 151A
  • Our Products 161S Family: File_Cabinet-Aurora_Storage-Times-2-Standard_Letter. Type: 161S, 6-Tier, Starter 161S
  • Our Products 151SRN Family: File_Cabinet-Aurora_Storage-Times-2-RN_Units-Letter. Type: 151SRN, 5-Tier, Starter 151SRN
  • Our Products 151ARN Family: File_Cabinet-Aurora_Storage-Times-2-RN_Units-Letter. Type: 151ARN, 5-Tier, Add-On 151ARN
  • Our Products 151S Family: File_Cabinet-Aurora_Storage-Times-2-Standard_Letter. Type: 151S, 5-Tier, Starter 151S
  • Our Products 171S Family: File_Cabinet-Aurora_Storage-Times-2-Standard_Letter. Type: 171S, 7-Tier, Starter 171S
  • Our Products 161A Family: File_Cabinet-Aurora_Storage-Times-2-Standard_Letter. Type: 161A, 6-Tier, Add-On 161A
  • Our Products 171A Family: File_Cabinet-Aurora_Storage-Times-2-Standard_Letter. Type: 171A, 7-Tier, Add-On 171A
  • Our Products 161SRN Family: File_Cabinet-Aurora_Storage-Times-2-RN_Units-Letter. Type: 161SRN, 6-Tier, Starter 161SRN
  • Our Products 161ARN Family: File_Cabinet-Aurora_Storage-Times-2-RN_Units-Letter. Type: 161ARN, 6-Tier, Add-On 161ARN
  • Our Products 171SRN Family: File_Cabinet-Aurora_Storage-Times-2-RN_Units-Letter. Type: 171SRN, 7-Tier, Starter 171SRN
  • Our Products 171ARN Family: File_Cabinet-Aurora_Storage-Times-2-RN_Units-Letter. Type: 171ARN, 7-Tier, Add-On 171ARN


Aurora Storage is your premier destination for everything storage and shelving.

We supply a host of markets including healthcare, education, libraries, legal, financial, schools, and state and local government with shelving systems, mobile shelving storage systems, book shelves, and rotary storage.

Our commercial shelving systems are built with a high quality fit and finish making them durable and reliable for years to come. Our products, made in the U.S.A., have an eco-friendly non-emissive finish and contain 40% recycled steel.

Times-2 Storage cabinets

Educational storage have you tested?

Try Times-2 Storage cabinets!

Aurora Athletic Storage

Get the Team Spirit with Aurora Athletic Storage!

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