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  • Bouty BOUTY_2003_REV00 Bouty 2000 BOUTY_2003_REV00
  • Bouty BOUTY_1662_REV00 Bouty Circus BOUTY_1662_REV00
  • Bouty BOUTY_2001_REV00 Bouty 2000 BOUTY_2001_REV00
  • Bouty BOUTY_2002_REV00 Bouty 2000 BOUTY_2002_REV00
  • Bouty BOUTY_ADMIX_6023_REV00 Bouty Admix BOUTY_ADMIX_6023_REV00
  • Bouty BOUTY_176CCC_REV00 Bouty Filigra BOUTY_176CCC_REV00
  • Bouty BOUTY_1640_REV00 Bouty Circus BOUTY_1640_REV00
  • Bouty BOUTY_ARISTA_1402_REV00 Bouty Arista BOUTY_ARISTA_1402_REV00
  • Bouty BOUTY_ADMIX_6001_REV00 Bouty Admix BOUTY_ADMIX_6001_REV00
  • Bouty BOUTY_4001PR_REV00 Bouty Quatra BOUTY_4001PR_REV00
  • Bouty BOUTY_3010_REV00 Bouty Chronos BOUTY_3010_REV00
  • Bouty BOUTY_ADMIX_6002_REV00 Bouty Admix BOUTY_ADMIX_6002_REV00


Bouty designs and manufactures office chairs and accessories for a broad spectrum of both public and private clients. With a rich culture of engineering and innovative know-how, Bouty continually strives to offer clients furniture that is ergonomically and aesthetically designed while never compromising comfort and durability.

Bouty is genuinely committed to customer satisfaction and our customer service is recognized for its unique emphasis on personalized client care. Using a dynamic management style, Bouty’s business development strategy is anchored in rapid development of distinctive product lines and an active search for growth opportunities in the furniture market.

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