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Apollo PAC (Public Access Computer) Station - Premium APOLLO 6-PR ESI Ergonomics

Apollo PAC (Public Access Computer) Station - Premium

60" wall mounted track. VESA 75mm and 100mm compatible. Easy-touch shuttle provides 7 1/2" of arm height adjustment. Arm extension: 0-extension = 3 1/2", 2-extension arm = 20 3/4", 3-extension arm = 28 3/4". Includes 25" PL003 P-Series rectangular keyboard platform. Includes CPUMINI CPU holder. Track mounted CPU holder: Adjustable width: 3.25" to 6". Adjustable height: 14" to 20". Total system weight capacity: 176 lbs. Shuttle wegith capacity: 17.5 lbs. FEATURES: 6-channel track. 2-extension arm with shuttle for monitor. 3-extension arm with shuttle for keyboard platform. Integrated cord management.

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