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  • FlexPost FlexBollard Asphalt Model 102 flexpost FlexBollard Asphalt Model 102
  • FlexPost Standard FlexPost Asphalt Model flexpost Standard FlexPost Asphalt Model
  • FlexPost FlexBollard Asphalt Model 72 flexpost FlexBollard Asphalt Model 72
  • FlexPost FlexBollard Concrete Model 102 flexpost FlexBollard Concrete Model 102
  • FlexPost FlexBollard Asphalt Model 52 flexpost FlexBollard Asphalt Model 52
  • FlexPost Standard FlexPost Concrete Model flexpost Standard FlexPost Concrete Model
  • FlexPost Standard FlexPost Natural Ground Model flexpost Standard FlexPost Natural Ground Model
  • FlexPost FlexBollard Concrete Model 52 flexpost FlexBollard Concrete Model 52
  • FlexPost FlexBollard Asphalt Model 32 flexpost FlexBollard Asphalt Model 32
  • FlexPost FlexBollard Concrete Model 32 flexpost FlexBollard Concrete Model 32
  • FlexPost FlexBollard Natural Ground Model 32 flexpost FlexBollard Natural Ground Model 32
  • FlexPost FlexBollard Natural Ground Model 52 flexpost FlexBollard Natural Ground Model 52


FLEXPOST INC. started in 2006 to help the owners of Rivertown Crossings Shopping Mall in Michigan. Their dilemma of replacing 20-30% of the rigid parking lot sign posts every year due to damage was all too common – and expensive. To solve this problem a flexible sign post was invented. FlexPost® are now being used all over the world!

All patented FlexPost® systems are constructed of galvanized steel and are manufactured in the USA and Canada. The FlexPost® family expanded when the FlexBollard® system was introduced in 2008. These innovative units provide the flexibility of the standard FlexPost® with the rigid appearance of a concrete bollard.

FlexPost® installation is very easy, takes only minutes and can be done with no specialty tools. FlexPosts can be installed on many surfaces including concrete, asphalt and natural ground. The adhesive anchoring allows FlexPost® systems to be installed in high rise parking structures where the floors cannot be penetrated.

FlexBollard 72"

FlexBollard 72"



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