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  • Face Based Families FAPL120_FB-1T5 FAPL120_FB, 1T5 FAPL120_FB-1T5
  • Hosted Families FAVAS FGRB_CH, 4'' FAVAS
  • Hosted Families FAR11_CH FAR11_CH FAR11_CH
  • Face Based Families FAPL120_FB-1T5HO FAPL120_FB, 1T5HO FAPL120_FB-1T5HO
  • Hosted Families FGRE_CH-4' FGRE_CH, 4' FGRE_CH-4'
  • Hosted Families FFBX24_CH-FFBX24_CH FFBX24_CH, FFBX24_CH FFBX24_CH-FFBX24_CH
  • Face Based Families FAVDSCR120_FB-4' 1A1T5HO FAVDSCR120_FB, 4' 1A1T5HO FAVDSCR120_FB-4' 1A1T5HO
  • Face Based Families FAPL277_FB-1T5 FAPL277_FB, 1T5 FAPL277_FB-1T5
  • Face Based Families FAR24120_ FB-2T5 FAR24120_ FB, 2T5 FAR24120_ FB-2T5
  • Hosted Families FMEP26PA_CH-26 FMEP26PA_CH, 26 FMEP26PA_CH-26
  • Face Based Families FAPL120_FB-T8 FAPL120_FB, T8 FAPL120_FB-T8
  • Face Based Families FAR14120_ FB-2T5HO FAR14120_ FB, 2T5HO FAR14120_ FB-2T5HO


Focal Point is a Chicago based family owned and operated architectural lighting manufacturer. Our vertically integrated manufacturing facilities are fine tuned to produce high quality products and short lead times. Using the most advanced equipment and processes, Focal Point delivers a superior luminaire. Focal Point’s specification grade products are suited for a broad range of applications, and we’re always reaching out to new markets with innovative designs that are engineered by our own experts. Our ever expanding product line is sold and distributed via independent lighting agents worldwide.

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