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  • Frost 135_50_Assem_IMP 135_50_Assem_IMP 135_50_Assem_IMP
  • Frost Change_Table-Flip_Down-Frost_Products_LTD.-1125-Polyethylene-White Change_Table-Flip_Down-Frost_Products_LTD.-1125, Polyethylene-White Change_Table-Flip_Down-Frost_Products_LTD.-1125-Polyethylene-White
  • Frost Frost code 975L_assembly Frost code 975L_assembly Frost code 975L_assembly
  • Frost 620 Disposal-Napkin-Frost_Products_LTD.-Surface_Mounted-(620-622), Steel-Whtie-Epoxy_Finish 620
  • Frost Vendor-Double_Napkin_Tampon-Frost_Products_LTD.-Recessed-(615-5)-Steel-Stainless Vendor-Double_Napkin_Tampon-Frost_Products_LTD.-Recessed-(615-5), Steel-Stainless Vendor-Double_Napkin_Tampon-Frost_Products_LTD.-Recessed-(615-5)-Steel-Stainless
  • Frost Dispenser_Disposal-Paper-Frost_Products_LTD.-Recessed-(400-70)-Steel-Stainless Dispenser_Disposal-Paper-Frost_Products_LTD.-Recessed-(400-70), Steel-Stainless Dispenser_Disposal-Paper-Frost_Products_LTD.-Recessed-(400-70)-Steel-Stainless
  • Frost 101-1 Universal Towel Dispenser White epoxy powder finish with lock 101-1
  • Frost 1001-48 Grab_Bar-Stock_Series-Frost_Products_LTD.-Stainless_Steel-(1001_12-48), 48in-Steel-304-Stainless 1001-48
  • Frost 1001-16 Grab_Bar-Stock_Series-Frost_Products_LTD.-Stainless_Steel-(1001_12-48), 16in-Steel-304-Stainless 1001-16
  • Frost 1001-12 Grab_Bar-Stock_Series-Frost_Products_LTD.-Stainless_Steel-(1001_12-48), 12in-Steel-304-Stainless 1001-12
  • Frost Frost code 615_assembly Frost code 615_assembly Frost code 615_assembly
  • Frost Frost code 975R_assembly Frost code 975R_assembly Frost code 975R_assembly


Frost Products Ltd. has been manufacturing and distributing a full line of quality Washroom Accessories for over 50 years. Our products are typically specified for architectural, new construction and janitorial markets. Frost has earned a reputation for manufacturing quality washroom products that offer both durability and value.

Currently Frost Products are distributed across Canada, the USA, Mexico, Caribbean, Europe and the Middle East. For a distributor in your area contact our Customer service representatives at 1-800-667-5094. An integral part of Frost Products is customer support. We are committed to producing products that meet the needs of our customers and the end user.

We have made significant improvements and introduced new products based on the input, comments and needs of our customers.This dedication to customer support insures your requirements are met today as well as in the future.

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