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  • Gerber Lavatory_-_Wall_Hung_-_Gerber_-_Backsplash_-_12-904-Standard Wall Hung Lavatory with Backsplash Lavatory_-_Wall_Hung_-_Gerber_-_Backsplash_-_12-904-Standard
  • Gerber Water_Closet_-_Gerber_-_Ultra_Flush_-_Pressure_Assist_-_21-300-Standard Two Piece Pressure-Assist Toilet Water_Closet_-_Gerber_-_Ultra_Flush_-_Pressure_Assist_-_21-300-Standard
  • Gerber Lavatory_-_Wall_Hung_-_Gerber_-_Plymouth_-_12-314-Standard Ledge Type Wall Hung Lavatory Lavatory_-_Wall_Hung_-_Gerber_-_Plymouth_-_12-314-Standard
  • Gerber Lavatory_-_Wall_Hung_-_Gerber_-_Monticello_II_-_Backsplash_-_12-654-Standard Wall Hung Lavatory with Backsplash Punched for Carrier Lavatory_-_Wall_Hung_-_Gerber_-_Monticello_II_-_Backsplash_-_12-654-Standard
  • Gerber Lavatory_-_Wall_Hung_-_Gerber_-_Monticello_II_-_Backsplash_-_12-658-Standard Wall Hung Lavatory with Backsplash Punched for Carrier Lavatory_-_Wall_Hung_-_Gerber_-_Monticello_II_-_Backsplash_-_12-658-Standard
  • Gerber Lavatory_-_Wall_Hung_-_Gerber_-_Plymouth_-_Ledge_-_12-314-98-Standard Ledge Type Wall Hung Lavatory Punched for Carrier Lavatory_-_Wall_Hung_-_Gerber_-_Plymouth_-_Ledge_-_12-314-98-Standard
  • Gerber EF-21-318 Two Piece Pressure-Assist 1.1 gpf, High Efficiency Toilet EF-21-318
  • Gerber 21-310 Two Piece Pressure-Assist 1.6 gpf Toilet 21-310
  • Gerber EF-21-304 Two Piece Pressure-Assist 1.1 gpf, High Efficiency Toilet EF-21-304
  • Gerber EF-21-325 Two Piece Pressure-Assist 1.1 gpf, High Efficiency Toilet EF-21-325
  • Gerber EF-21-310 Two Piece Pressure-Assist 1.1 gpf, High Efficiency Toilet EF-21-310
  • Gerber EF-21-302 Two Piece Pressure-Assist 1.1 gpf, High Efficiency Toilet EF-21-302


Founded in 1932, Gerber Plumbing Fixtures LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Globe Union Group Inc. and is based just outside Chicago, IL. Gerber is a leading manufacturer of high performance plumbing fixtures, faucets and fittings sold exclusively through professional wholesalers throughout the United States and Canada.

Gerber has a comprehensive residential product offering of vitreous china fixtures including toilets, lavatories and bidets; a full range of faucets for the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room; and is a leading supplier of bathtub drains. Its complete commercial product line includes toilets, lavatories, urinals and service sinks as well as mechanical and electronic faucets and flush valves. Commercial market segments served include hospitality, education, health care and entertainment.

Gerber Viper Compact Elongated Toilet

Introducing the Gerber Viper Compact Elongated Toilet. It comes with multi-point tank to bowl mounting system and solid brass bolts to ensure stability. And the dual nuts design prevents leaking.

It's compact and powerful. Professional performance at its best!

Gerber Viper Faucet

Introducing the Gerber Viper faucet. Top quality guaranteed just like Gerber toilets!

Extra long supply hoses, pre-attached foam gasket, highly durable metal channel washers and quick install touch down drain. All these features ensures easy installation and allows you to set it and forget it!

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