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  • Seating – Improv M225-1142-P Improv Desk, Fab or Faux Lea, Hi Bk, Uph Plstc Bk, Loop Arm, Hi Arc Plstc Bse,No Tlt Lk, Hrd Cstrs, Nano, M225-1142-P
  • Seating – Improv M221-1322 Improv Desk, Fab or Faux Lea, Hi Bk, Uph Plstc Bk, Loop Arm,Vin Cap, Plstc Bse,No Tlt Lk, Sft Cstrs, M221-1322
  • Seating – Very SCW-44-0S Very Wire Stool, Plstc Seat, Plstc Bk, Armless, SCW-44-0S
  • Compose – Storage JSPY-0230-KJA X Series,2H x 30"W,Closed Cabinet,Two Doors,Meteors Drawer Front,Steel Lock Rail Material,Attached Mount JSPY-0230-KJA
  • Seating – Very SCE-22-001P Very Task w/Headrest,Fab Seat,Fab Bk,Armless,Plstc Bse 2Tone Ctrs,Bk Lk,No Lum , SCE-22-001P
  • Seating – Very SCF-44-0P Very Conference Stool,Plstc Seat,Plstc Perf Bk,Armless,Plstc Bse 2Tone Ctrs, SCF-44-0P
  • Compose – Storage JPAH-30-KJ X Series,Pedestal,Attached,Box/Box/File,30"D,Meteors Drawer Front,Steel Lockbar,J Pull JPAH-30-KJ
  • Seating – Very SCT-22-101P Very Task Chair,Fab Seat,Fab Bk,Fxd Arm,Plstc Bse 2Tone Ctrs,Bk Lk,No Lum , SCT-22-101P
  • Seating – Very SCT-22-701P Very Task Chair,Fab Seat,Fab Bk,4D Arms,Plstc Bse 2Tone Ctrs,Bk Lk,No Lum , SCT-22-701P
  • Seating – Very SCT-22-4115K Very Task Chair,Fab Seat,Fab Bk,Hgt Adj Arms, Plstc Bse Hd Ctrs,Bk Lk, W/Lum, Knock Down FedX Ship SCT-22-4115K
  • Compose – Storage JPAH-24-KJ X Series,Pedestal,Attached,Box/Box/File,24"D,Meteors Drawer Front,Steel Lockbar,J Pull JPAH-24-KJ
  • Seating – Very SCT-22-001P Very Task Chair,Fab Seat,Fab Bk,Armless,Plstc Bse 2Tone Ctrs,Bk Lk,No Lum , SCT-22-001P


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Very Task Ergonomics

The Very Task is a comfortable, science-based task chair. Understand the ergonomic features available on the chair.


By Haworth & Obscura Digital

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