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  • Hightower HighTower_Jet_Swivel Jet Swivel Lounge Chair HighTower_Jet_Swivel
  • Hightower HighTower_Nonstop_Corner Nonstop, Corner Section HighTower_Nonstop_Corner
  • Hightower HighTower_TurnerBarStool_Bar Turner Swivel Stool HighTower_TurnerBarStool_Bar
  • Hightower HighTower_Tweed_wCasters Tweed HighTower_Tweed_wCasters
  • Hightower HighTower_FourCast_Wheeler Four Cast Wheeler HighTower_FourCast_Wheeler
  • Hightower HighTower_Insula_MeetingTable Insula Meeting Table HighTower_Insula_MeetingTable
  • Hightower HighTower_FourResting_Round-20_ Four Resting, 20" HighTower_FourResting_Round-20_
  • Hightower HighTower_Prism_Double-Bench Double Prism Bench HighTower_Prism_Double-Bench
  • Hightower HighTower_Nonstop_Straight Nonstop, Straight Section HighTower_Nonstop_Straight
  • Hightower HighTower_Tweed Tweed HighTower_Tweed
  • Hightower HighTower_Ruby_Table_OrganicTop Ruby Table, Organic Top HighTower_Ruby_Table_OrganicTop
  • Hightower HighTower_Prism_Double-Bench w_Back Double Prism Bench w/Back HighTower_Prism_Double-Bench w_Back


HighTower Group is a US-based furniture company made up of passionate design enthusiasts. We have several offices within the US and great sales reps across North America. You can learn more about that here.

But HighTower is more than a furniture company, we are a great team of people working hard each day to make the work place a great place to be -- both our own offices and yours! We believe in building lasting relationships with our clients and being a trusted resource.

HighTower Group- Pause Series

Training video on the Pause family of products. Learn more at

Hightower Group- Happy Lounge Series

Product overview on the Swedese Happy series. Distributed in North America by Hightower Group.

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