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  • KIM Lighting 1N-L5K SLX 18"" ? 1N-L5K SLX
  • KIM Lighting GEM1/100HPS120 GEM1/100HPS120 GEM1/100HPS120
  • KIM Lighting GEM1/100PMH120 GEM1/100PMH120 GEM1/100PMH120
  • KIM Lighting AR1/400PMH120 AR1/400PMH120 AR1/400PMH120
  • KIM Lighting STL1/400PMH120 STL1/400PMH120 STL1/400PMH120
  • KIM Lighting AR1/120LED120 AR1/120LED120 AR1/120LED120
  • KIM Lighting BNS1F5/175MH120 BNS1F5/175MH120 BNS1F5/175MH120
  • KIM Lighting AR3/400HPS120 AR3/400HPS120 AR3/400HPS120
  • KIM Lighting CFL1/50HPS-ED17 CFL1/50HPS-ED17 CFL1/50HPS-ED17
  • KIM Lighting 4W-60L5K-LXN 18"" ? 4W-60L5K-LXN
  • KIM Lighting BNS1H2/175MH120 BNS1H2/175MH120 BNS1H2/175MH120
  • KIM Lighting WC18D2/250PMH120 WC18D2/250PMH120 WC18D2/250PMH120


Kim Lighting is the world’s foremost designer and manufacturer of quality, high-performance outdoor architectural and landscape lighting products. These include roadway, pedestrian, low-level and building mounted solutions. Kim Lighting, an affiliate of Hubbell Lighting, Inc., is based in City of Industry, California.

ALTITUDE™ The Ultimate in Performance

Learn 3 key performance features of Kim Lighting's ALTITUDE™ site/roadway luminarie.

Kim Lighting - LED Lighting Perfection

What if we could fragment the LED light engine? And control each of them individually? And aim each one?

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