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  • Kenall Lighting MSLOH-F-0-XX-PIA-WLL-120-2 MSLOH-F-0-XX-PIA-WLL-120-2 MSLOH-F-0-XX-PIA-WLL-120-2
  • Kenall Lighting MSLOH-F-0-XX-PIA-RLL-120-2 MSLOH-F-0-XX-PIA-RLL-120-2 MSLOH-F-0-XX-PIA-RLL-120-2
  • Kenall Lighting MSLOV-F-0-XX-PIA-WLL-120-2 MSLOV-F-0-XX-PIA-WLL-120-2 MSLOV-F-0-XX-PIA-WLL-120-2
  • Kenall Lighting MSLOV-F-1-XX-PIA-WLL-120-2 MSLOV-F-1-XX-PIA-WLL-120-2 MSLOV-F-1-XX-PIA-WLL-120-2
  • Kenall Lighting CDL6VM CDL6VM-1-70MT6-DV CDL6VM
  • Kenall Lighting FS1248R FS1248R-X-X-X-L120-1-120 FS1248R
  • Kenall Lighting CDL6HM CDL6HM-1-70M-DV CDL6HM
  • Kenall Lighting MSLOH-F-0-XX-PIA-BLL-120-2 MSLOH-F-0-XX-PIA-BLL-120-2 MSLOH-F-0-XX-PIA-BLL-120-2
  • Kenall Lighting CSEFI14 CSEFI14-3-32-347 CSEFI14
  • Kenall Lighting MSLRH-F-0-XX-PIA-ALL-277-2 MSLRH-F-0-XX-PIA-ALL-277-2 MSLRH-F-0-XX-PIA-ALL-277-2
  • Kenall Lighting TD17-PM-3HSS-TP-CC-108L40K-DV TD17-PM-3HSS-TP-CC-108L40K-DV TD17-PM-3HSS-TP-CC-108L40K-DV
  • Kenall Lighting CD-1-X/X-1-13-RS-1-120-X/X-1 CD-1-X/X-1-13-RS-1-120-X/X-1 CD-1-X/X-1-13-RS-1-120-X/X-1


Founded in 1963 by Ken Hawkins, Kenall Manufacturing carved a niche within the industry by creating the first impact and vandal resistant lighting products, and continues that mission today by providing intelligent, durable and sustainable solutions to complex lighting problems. As the company’s second generation CEO, Jim Hawkins has expanded the company’s vision to include sealed lighting for containment or clean spaces, high abuse lighting for public access areas, as well as correctional, healthcare, and transportation lighting.

Kenall Corporate

Since 1963, Kenall has produced and supported high quality and durable lighting solutions for the most demanding of environments.

Its engineered products are designed and certified to meet relevant and recognized performance standards and include those that resist or reduce physical abuse and tampering; corrosion; ingress and passage of insects, dirt, water and microbial contaminants; and RFI and EMI interference. The primary applications for these products are facilities designed for public access, education, detention, microbial and particulate ingress protection and containment, healthcare, research, and transportation services.

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