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  • 9700- Contour 97D66364LFRF Desk, Rect Top, Full Ht Dbl Ped, Lt-BBF, Rt-BBF, 66x36 97D66364LFRF
  • 9700- Contour 97D72304L0R0 Desk Shell, Rectangular Top, 72W x 30D 97D72304L0R0
  • 9700- Contour 97D60304LDRD Desk, Rect Top, Full Ht Dbl Ped, Lt-FF, Rt-FF, 60x30 97D60304LDRD
  • 68C- Millennium Con 680226460 Conference Table, 6pc Racetrack Top 264x60 680226460
  • Artemis Wood 76D66304LDRF Desk, Rectangular Top, Wood Mod Pnl, Lt-FF, Rt-BBF, 66x30 76D66304LDRF
  • 62C- Virtu Conference 62VB-4832 Visual Board - Wood Doors, 48Wx32H 62VB-4832
  • Artemis Wood 76DA7836RV29P1 Open Arc Desk, Wood Panel Leg, Rt, Acrylic Float Mod, 78x36 76DA7836RV29P1
  • Artemis Wood 76DB6636S1 Open Bullet Desk, Sq. Wd Leg, no Mod 72x30 76DB6636S1
  • 5100- Nuvo Conference 51666036 Arc End Rounded Corners -5166, 60x36 51666036
  • 9700- Contour 97D66304LDRF Desk, Rect Top, Full Ht Dbl Ped, Lt-FF, Rt-BBF, 66x30 97D66304LDRF
  • 68C- Millennium Con 68018442 Conference Table, 2pc Rectangular Top 84x42 68018442
  • Artemis Wood 76LU4220H Linking Unit Top, No Mod Panel, 42x20 76LU4220H


Krug is a leading designer and manufacturer of office and healthcare furniture solutions. Our customers include many of North America's growing companies, and our products are specified by designers, architects and major distributors across the continent, and beyond.

We are highly focused on bringing exceptional and aesthetic value to the market. We do this by using a dynamic, customer-centered development process, and some of the best product design minds in the business.

Krug Office Furniture

We are the leading supplier of quality office furniture products and office furniture services with an emphasis on complete customer satisfaction in Miami, Florida. We offer office furniture, office cubicles, systems furniture, ergonomic chairs, and an assortment of other office furniture products to the Miami and Broward areas. We welcome you to browse our web site for the latest information about our office furniture products.

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