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  • Maxon Typicals MIN-105 MIN-105 MIN-105
  • Maxon Typicals MPX-175 MPX-175 MPX-175
  • Maxon Typicals MSU-112 MSU-112 MSU-112
  • Maxon Typicals MSB-102 MSB-102 MSB-102
  • Maxon Typicals MPX-101 MPX-101 MPX-101
  • Maxon Typicals MIN-102 MIN-102 MIN-102
  • Maxon Typicals MPX-107 MPX-107 MPX-107
  • Maxon Typicals MIN-101 MIN-101 MIN-101
  • Maxon Typicals MPX-147 MPX-147 MPX-147
  • Maxon Typicals MPX-109 MPX-109 MPX-109
  • Maxon Typicals MSB-103 MSB-103 MSB-103
  • Maxon Typicals MIN-106 MIN-106 MIN-106


Maxon Furniture Inc. is a world class office furniture manufacturer using the latest in lean manufacturing methods to produce products of outstanding quality, value and reliability. With over 30 years experience, Maxon has built a solid reputation on the quality and value of our products and services, and on our ability to deliver a streamlined, trouble-free purchase and installation experience and long-term satisfaction.

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