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  • Nucraft Full Library NUC-ANB-C10-180-A.dwg NUC-ANB-C10-180-A.dwg NUC-ANB-C10-180-A.dwg
  • Nucraft Full Library NUC-ANB-C10-240-A.dwg NUC-ANB-C10-240-A.dwg NUC-ANB-C10-240-A.dwg
  • Nucraft Full Library NUC-ANB-C10-270-A.dwg NUC-ANB-C10-270-A.dwg NUC-ANB-C10-270-A.dwg
  • Nucraft Full Library NUC-ANB-C10-300-A.dwg NUC-ANB-C10-300-A.dwg NUC-ANB-C10-300-A.dwg
  • Nucraft Full Library NUC-ANB-C10-60-A.dwg NUC-ANB-C10-60-A.dwg NUC-ANB-C10-60-A.dwg
  • Nucraft Full Library NUC-ANB-C10-90-A.dwg NUC-ANB-C10-90-A.dwg NUC-ANB-C10-90-A.dwg
  • Nucraft Full Library NUC-ANB-C10-120-N.dwg NUC-ANB-C10-120-N.dwg NUC-ANB-C10-120-N.dwg
  • Nucraft Full Library NUC-ANB-C10-180-N.dwg NUC-ANB-C10-180-N.dwg NUC-ANB-C10-180-N.dwg
  • Nucraft Full Library NUC-ANB-C10-240-N.dwg NUC-ANB-C10-240-N.dwg NUC-ANB-C10-240-N.dwg
  • Nucraft Full Library NUC-ANB-C10-270-N.dwg NUC-ANB-C10-270-N.dwg NUC-ANB-C10-270-N.dwg
  • Nucraft Full Library NUC-ANB-C10-300-N.dwg NUC-ANB-C10-300-N.dwg NUC-ANB-C10-300-N.dwg
  • Nucraft Full Library NUC-ANB-C10-60-N.dwg NUC-ANB-C10-60-N.dwg NUC-ANB-C10-60-N.dwg


Nucraft's award-winning furniture solutions facilitate organizational collaboration from meeting spaces to private offices. Its beautifully designed, precision tailored products integrate technology and flexibility in the workplace.

Two4Six Collection

Two4Six allows you to do more with less by blurring the line between the private office and collaborative space. The two distinct, yet related, collections include individual private office solutions and meeting room furniture for two to six participants. A light scale and finely-crafted design gives the Two4Six Collection an elegant posture while its ultimate value is realized through its seamless interplay with technology and its ability to maximize real estate efficiency.

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