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  • Philips Lighting 1DGS132-FA01-120-1/1-EB 1x4 Designer Air Handling w/FA01 Lens 1DGS132-FA01-120-1/1-EB
  • Philips Lighting 1ATWGA128-WO-120-1/1-EB 1x4 Attune Air Wide Dist. 1ATWGA128-WO-120-1/1-EB
  • Philips Lighting OM4LED20PC30KCSU 4"" LED Pendant Cylinder OM4LED20PC30KCSU
  • Philips Lighting 2AVGA317-PMW-120-1/3-EB 2x2 Arioso Air 2AVGA317-PMW-120-1/3-EB
  • Philips Lighting CLL90CLU-SQ5 CLL LED Canopy Light CLL90CLU-SQ5
  • Philips Lighting 2DPGS231U1-FA01-120-1/2-EB 2x2 Designer Air Handling w/FA01 Lens 2DPGS231U1-FA01-120-1/2-EB
  • Philips Lighting 1ATWG128-D-120-1/1-EB 1x4 Attune Wide Dist. 1ATWG128-D-120-1/1-EB
  • Philips Lighting CM6-FV32-S3-V65B 6"" Capri One Vertical CF Downlight CM6-FV32-S3-V65B
  • Philips Lighting 4DG432-RA20-120-1/4-EB 4x4 Designer Static Troffer 4DG432-RA20-120-1/4-EB
  • Philips Lighting 1DCLG232-FA21-120-1/2-EB 1x4 Designer Clean Room Troffer w/FA21 Lens 1DCLG232-FA21-120-1/2-EB
  • Philips Lighting 1DGS132-FA01-347-1/1-EB 1x4 Designer Air Handling w/FA01 Lens 1DGS132-FA01-347-1/1-EB
  • Philips Lighting 1DG132-FS176-347-1/1-EB 1x4 Asymmetric Designer w/FS176 Louver 1DG132-FS176-347-1/1-EB


For the past 120 years our meaningful innovations have improved the quality of life for millions, creating a strong and trusted Philips brand with market access all over the world. In light of key global trends and challenges – e.g. the demand for affordable healthcare, the energy efficiency imperative, and people’s desire for personal well-being – we are confident in our chosen strategic direction.

Philips see what light can do event - July 2013

On July 4th 2013, Philips in association with "the neon man" Chris Bracey hosted an evening at the Village Underground in Shoreditch to showcase a range of lighting innovations.

VizorLED featuring Wireless Controls

Integrating wireless technology into our industry leading LED parking and under canopy products creates a high-density mesh network of communication between luminaires that can ultimately be managed from any remote location. In turn we maximize energy savings, streamline facility management and maintenance, enhance sense of safety and emotional experience within the space, all while reducing total cost of ownership.

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