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  • Paoli Casegoods PKDV3672DP Kindle V Desk Dbl Ped 36x72x29 PKDV3672DP
  • Paoli Casegoods PKDV3684DP Kindle V Desk Dbl Ped 36x84x29 PKDV3684DP
  • Paoli Casegoods PKDH3684DP Kindle HPL Desk Dbl Ped 36x84x29 PKDH3684DP
  • Paoli Casegoods PKDH3672DP Kindle HPL Desk Dbl Ped 36x72x29 PKDH3672DP
  • Paoli Casegoods PKDL3072DP Kindle TFL Desk Dbl Ped 30x72x29 PKDL3072DP
  • Paoli Casegoods PKDL3684BDP Kindle TFL Desk Bow Dbl Ped 36x84x29 PKDL3684BDP
  • Paoli Casegoods PKDV3784DP Kindle V Desk Dbl Ped 37-1/2x84x29 PKDV3784DP
  • Paoli Casegoods PKDV3072DP Kindle V Desk Dbl Ped 30x72x29 PKDV3072DP
  • Paoli Casegoods PKDH3772DP Kindle HPL Desk Dbl Ped 37-1/2x72x29 PKDH3772DP
  • Paoli Casegoods PKDH3072DP Kindle HPL Desk Dbl Ped 30x72x29 PKDH3072DP
  • Paoli Casegoods PKDV3772DP Kindle V Desk Dbl Ped 37-1/2x72x29 PKDV3772DP
  • Paoli Casegoods PKDL3672BDP Kindle TFL Desk Bow Dbl Ped 36x72x29 PKDL3672BDP


Paoli is a company rich in heritage dating back to 1926. We are a mid-tier performance contract office furniture brand providing best in category casegoods, seating, and conference products. We are constantly reinventing ourselves, and our eye towards the future keeps our brand, products and services fresh and relevant. Our vision is to serve and to make a difference in the lives of others.

Reflect Collection from Paoli Office Furniture

Reflect Collection from Paoli Office Furniture is for interiors conceived and executed in a style carried forward from colonial architecture in America. As this style in office furniture has matured, needs for cable access, technology support and modularity have emerged. To date, the responses have mostly been piecemeal accommodations. Reflect from Paoli introduces a distinctly different approach. All new. Versatile. Capable. Call and let our Reflect Collection from Paoli experienced office planners create a layout for your office using Reflect Series and see for yourself how well Reflect from Paoli can work for your office.

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