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  • Regency 1000- Regency 3D CAD Seating 1000-
  • Regency 1009- Regency 3D CAD Seating 1009-
  • Regency 9875L- Regency 3D CAD Seating 9875L-
  • Regency TVEC7224- Regency 3D CAD Prestige TVEC7224-
  • Regency 1015- Regency 3D CAD Seating 1015-
  • Regency 1100- Regency 3D CAD Seating 1100-
  • Regency MDP6024- Regency 3D CAD Fusion MDP6024-
  • Regency MDP7224- Regency 3D CAD Fusion MDP7224-
  • Regency HWSQTC3713- Regency 3D CAD Reception-Lounge HWSQTC3713-
  • Regency MSP7224-R- Regency 3D CAD Fusion MSP7224-R-
  • Regency ONCSLF7124-L Regency 3D CAD OneDesk ONCSLF7124-L
  • Regency ONRT6224-L Regency 3D CAD OneDesk ONRT6224-L


Regency, Inc. is about relationships and working with people you love and respect…Family members and hard-working Men and Women who become part of the unique, extended family that gives life to our company and help it grow and prosper.

This particular dream begins back in 1940, when Scott and Norma Summerville opened their own office products business. The formal legal document says nothing of the ideas and aspirations that led to such a giant step for a young couple. Times changed, and the company changed with it – first adding one of the areas first used office furniture showrooms, and becoming one of the first sources for mid-market furniture in Northeast Ohio.

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