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  • Selux Exteriors BLC-D-R3-1-H150-xx Beta Lantern Closed upper diffuser BLC-D-R3-1-H150-xx
  • LED DSC4L-LW-LG3500-R1-35-xx-xx DSC4L-LW-LG3500-R1-35-xx-xx DSC4L-LW-LG3500-R1-35-xx-xx
  • Selux Exteriors SDS2-1-F26-3F-xx-P2-xx-xx-PM4 SDS2-1-F26-3F-xx-P2-xx-xx-PM4 SDS2-1-F26-3F-xx-P2-xx-xx-PM4
  • LED L10U-1L35-35-LW-W-003-xx L10U-1L35-35-LW-W-003-xx L10U-1L35-35-LW-W-003-xx
  • Selux Exteriors CCS-xx-4T8-xx- Corral Column Round Straight Pole CCS-xx-4T8-xx-
  • Selux Exteriors EXR-xx-R2-PC-HO39T6-xxx-xx-xxx Exelia Column EXR-xx-R2-PC-HO39T6-xxx-xx-xxx
  • Selux Exteriors DSC4L-L1-LG3500-R2-35-xx-xx DSC4L-L1-LG3500-R2-35-xx-xx DSC4L-L1-LG3500-R2-35-xx-xx
  • LED L10U-1L35-35-LW-SF2-001-xx L10U-1L35-35-LW-SF2-001-xx L10U-1L35-35-LW-SF2-001-xx
  • Selux Exteriors DSC4L-S1-LG3500-R1-35-xx-xx DSC4L-S1-LG3500-R1-35-xx-xx DSC4L-S1-LG3500-R1-35-xx-xx
  • Selux Exteriors SA1-B3-1-H150-xx- SA1-B3-1-H150-xx- SA1-B3-1-H150-xx-
  • Selux Exteriors ARC-S-R2-H250-S2-xx- ARC ARC-S-R2-H250-S2-xx-
  • Selux Interior L1R1U-1L35-35-LW-xx-2T-xx L1R1U-1L35-35-LW-xx-2T-xx L1R1U-1L35-35-LW-xx-2T-xx


"Semper Lux" - always light. When Hermann Bansbach started his company in Berlin in 1948, the city still lay in ruins, with hardly any electricity or light. Hermann Bansbach brought light into this dark time by brightening up the lives of Berliners with simple, affordable, battery-powered lamps. He believed that light had a social and cultural significance that went far beyond doing business and making a profit. That mindset is still alive today. We also find it fascinating how we can add to the quality of people's lives through sophisticated lighting concepts. That is how Semperlux became Selux - and how a craftman's shop in Berlin turned into a global company with 500 employees in Europe, North America, and Australia. Today the company generates over 80 % of its revenues outside of Germany.

SELUX Neo Introduction Video

SELUX Presents: The NEO® fixture series, which expands to new dimensions the capabilities and appeal of surface and pendant mount fluorescent lighting. Engineered to push the boundaries of energy efficiency (up to 84% total efficiency) in an ultra-modern and aesthetically pleasing form, NEO offers optimal solutions for interior lighting design applications.

SELUX Solar Solutions

Off-grid locations need not be off bounds any longer. Equipped with one of a variety of different size solar panels, sealed-gel batteries, and three types of fixture heads (Sonne, SonneLiter, and Discera) fitted with compact fluorescent lamps or metal halide lamps, Selux solar fixtures are environmentally friendly and can be installed very quickly. These excellently designed lighting systems incorporate many innovative features, such as the Smart Controller programmable regulator which controls flow of energy from panels to batteries and lamping.

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