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  • Visa Lighting CB1210 CB1210-GL-09RVisa Lighting, CB1210-2N60(120V) CB1210
  • Visa Lighting CP4850 CP4850-09RVisa Lighting, CP4850-1N150(120V) CP4850
  • Visa Lighting OW1606 OW1600-09RVisa Lighting, OW1606-1FS54(120V) OW1606
  • Visa Lighting CM1782 CM1782-09RVisa Lighting, CM1782-4F39(120V) CM1782
  • Visa Lighting CB2510 CB2510-09RVisa Lighting, CB2510-2F13(120V) CB2510
  • Visa Lighting CB3026 CB3026-09RVisa Lighting, CB3026-1T150(120V) CB3026
  • Visa Lighting CB3460 CB3460-09RVisa Lighting, CB3460-2F9(120V)-REM CB3460
  • Visa Lighting CB3430 CB3430-09RVisa Lighting, CB3430-2F9(277V)-REM CB3430
  • Visa Lighting CM1680 CM1680-09RVisa Lighting, CM1680-2TF70(277V) CM1680
  • Visa Lighting CB2790 CB2790-09RVisa Lighting, CB2790-1H175(120V)-TL CB2790
  • Visa Lighting CB3422 CB3422-09RVisa Lighting, CB3422-2QF26(277V)-XEM CB3422
  • Visa Lighting CB4000 CB4000-09RVisa Lighting, CB4000-2QF26(120V) CB4000


The most recognized US brand in performance decorative lighting, Visa Lighting creates the highest quality, most innovative products available to the lighting industry. State of art in-house UL approved laboratories and R&D facilities provide Visa Lighting with the tools to explore, develop and implement new cutting edge technologies.

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