Nestled in Wisconsin's northwoods for more than a half-century, Weather Shield has always coupled its commitment to innovative and performance-driven products with its unwavering dedication to customer service. Those were our values yesterday. Those are our values today.

As pioneers in the window and door industry, Weather Shield continually listens to the needs of the industry. The result is ongoing research and development of highly innovative, top performing, and beautifully crafted windows and doors.

Zo-e-shield 8 - The Energy Glass System

As a proud ENERGY STAR partner, Weathershield ensures our products are rated, certified and labeled for U-Value and Solar Heat Gain by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC).

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, a home's windows consume up to 3.8 quadrillion BTUs of energy annually in the form of heating and air conditioning expenses. At a cost of more than $30 billion to homeowners, it pays to compare glazing options when choosing windows for your home.

The Fiberglass Advantage

Fiberglass is valued for its longevity and ability to conserve energy even in extreme climate conditions. It resists the transfer of heat and cold, so heat is kept to the outside in the summertime, inside in the wintertime -- keeping heating and cooling bills low.

The virtually indestructible nature and low maintenance attributes of fiberglass make it a premier material for windows today. Less energy is required to manufacture fiberglass than other window and door material, and little waste is produced during the manufacturing process. In fact, a fiberglass window will last for about 40 years (vinyl's typical life expectancy is about 15 years).

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