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  • Wieland 60066 Soft Top Arm 60066
  • Wieland 62275 Sleep Surface with Custom Front and no Table 62275
  • Wieland 60075 Soft Top Arm 60075
  • Wieland 62278T Sleep Surface with Custom Front and Table 62278T
  • Wieland 60166 Upholstered Arm with Cap 60166
  • Wieland 60069 Soft Top Arm 60069
  • Wieland 60272 Recessed Arm with Cap 60272
  • Wieland 60072 Soft Top Arm 60072
  • Wieland 60169 Upholstered Arm with Cap 60169
  • Wieland 60178 Upholstered Arm with Cap 60178
  • Wieland 60378 Recessed Arm with Cap 60378
  • Wieland 60078 Soft Top Arm 60078


We firmly believe we cannot live in a disposable world. Our passion, our commitment, is to design and build furniture that withstands years of heavy use yet accommodates the changing tastes and needs of our customers. That’s why we look beyond durability to renewability – innovating easily renewable, easily replaceable fabrics and components. So take comfort not just in our chairs, but also in knowing that everything we build will be of lasting value.

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